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Your Local Power Systems Installer

You need the power to keep the lights on 24/7. Whether it is your business, a home, an off-grid cabin, or a camper van, Smucker Sales offers power system design and installation for your needs. We install in and around Lancaster County, PA, and design, assemble and ship off-grid solar systems and power systems for camper vans, food trucks, and Jobsite trailers.

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Mobile Power System Kits

If you want to experience the freedom of Van Life, first, you need to prepare the camper van for the road with an electric power kit. Converting a Transit or Sprinter Van (or another brand) into a livable camper van is a monumental task. Smucker Sales offers electrical power packages that are prewired for your camper van to get you on the road sooner!

man mounting electronic control units inside a camper van

Engine Sales and Repair

Keeping those engines running to power your generator, tractor, or other equipment is of utmost importance. The last thing you want is to lose power and get behind on the important tasks at hand. Smucker Sales and Service is a Dealer of Perkins and Kubota Engines. We sell, rebuild and repair your diesel engines to keep you up and running!

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DIY Off-Grid Solar Systems

Get that cabin or home powered via an off-grid solar system that comes to you ready to install. We work with you on the size system you need for your DIY Off Grid Solar System and assemble the system for you. Then we send the DIY Off Grid Solar System to your door so you can either install it yourself or hire a local electrician to do the work for you.

solar panels on the roof of a camper van

Inverter Sales and Service

What do you do when your power inverter breaks and needs repair? With over 40 years of experience in off-grid solar, Smucker Sales and Service is ready to help you get the power turned back on. We offer new and replacement inverters as well as inverter repair services.

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Generator Sales and Repair

If you live in and around Lancaster County, PA, we can either install a new diesel generator to power your home or farm or come and perform any maintenance or needed repairs.

Generator Sales and Repair in Lancaster County, PA

Family Owned and Operated

For 40+ Years

Smucker Sales & Service has been a family-owned business since 1979! Our many years of experience allow us to assist you in finding the best product to fit your needs as well as install and maintain your power-generating equipment. 

Power inverter Sales and Service in Lancaster, PA

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