Charge Controllers for Off Grid Solar Energy Systems

A good charge controller plays a critical role in an off-grid energy system; it can mean the difference between solar battery packs that perform well and last a long time and those that fail quickly. Our selection of charge controllers maximizes energy harvesting while safeguarding your solar batteries. You can rely on Smucker Sales & Service to supply you with off-grid solar products and repair solar inverters. No matter what the issue, we’ll work with you to find the best solution. We also offer conversion kits for camper vans, conversion kits for food trucks and trailers, and conversion kits for job site trailers to make it easy for you!

Charge Controllers for Your DIY Projects

Charge Controllers for Sale

If you are in the market for the best possible product for your off-grid solar system, Smucker Sales & Service is the way to go! Contact us to discuss what would work best for your off-grid solar system today!


Your charge controller can be purchased as part of a DIY Off-Grid Solar System. We assemble all the parts to make your job easier and you can hire a local electrician to install the charge controller with the system.

Leading Brands

You will find OutBack Power, MidNite Solar, Victron Energy charge controllers all ready to complete your off-grid solar system. To learn more about these brands, contact us today and we will work with you to build what you need!

3 Charge Controller Brands

You can find three types of charge controllers at Smucker Sales & Service from the leading brands Select a brand for your off-grid solar system from the list of available options below.

victron energy charge controllers
outback power charge controllers

1. OutBack Power

OutBack Power charge controllers are also MPPT (What is an MPPT Charge Controller), allowing your off-grid solar system to generate the maximum power possible. OutBack Power can use solar energy harvesting and battery charging processes to increase renewable energy yield by up to 30%. We offer FLEXmax Controllers from OutBack Power here at Smucker Sales & Service.

midnite solar charge controllers

2. MidNite Solar

The flexibility, features, and range currently found on MPPT controllers are significantly increased by the Classic MPPT Charge Controller from MidNite Solar. The only MPPT controller with arc fault detection (What is Arc Fault Detection) is the Classic, making it the safest controller on the market.

victron energy charge controllers

3. Victron Energy

Victron Energy offers a wide range of charge controllers that come from both MPPT and PWM product lines. You can design many solar-powered systems for many applications, such as solar-powered camper vans, off-grid trailers, and more. Additionally, you can use our conversion kits for job site trailers, conversion kits for food trucks and trailers, and conversion kits for camper vans.

If you want to do a DIY off-grid solar-powered system for vans, solar-powered work trailers, or more, the pre-wired option is available!

Not sure which charge controller you need or what size will fit your system? We can help you find the right match and create a system that works.

We also offer conversion kits for camper vans, conversion kits for food trucks and trailers, and conversion kits for job site trailers and more.

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Buy a Charge Controller For Your Off-Grid System

Get a charge controller that will expand the life of your solar battery packs as well as the performance of your PV generated from your solar panels. Smucker Sales & Service can help you determine which one would be best for your off-grid solar system. Here you will find some options that would help you choose which direction to go with your system. PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR EQUIPMENT FAILURE DUE TO IMPROPER INSTALLATION

Buy and install yourself

You Install

If you are a DIYer, you can choose to purchase the charge controller with the solar system you want and install them yourself.

  • Avoid paying installers
  • Earn more experience in the solar field
  • You will be responsible for any service needs
Hire a local electrician

Electrician Install

Your off-grid solar system can be installed by your local electrician. The system will come ready for the electrician to do his job.

  • Ensure the system is properly installed
  • Your electrician should have the knowledge needed to do the job
  • RECOMMENDED: We recommend choosing this option to ensure your system is properly installed

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