Mobile Trailer Power System for Jobsite Trailers

Power on a job site is key to an efficient and happy team. Your team needs fresh coffee on the job, power to keep the batteries charged for all of your tools, and power to run electric tools needed for the job. You need a mobile trailer power system designed for your needs and your equipment to get the job done on time and on budget. At Smucker Sales, we work with you to design and install a mobile power system for your work trailer so your team can do what they do best, get the job done!

Your Mobile Trailer Power System

Prewire the System

Rather than buying all the parts and going through the process of making the parts work together, we partner with you by setting up the Mobile Trailer Power System for you. 

Customize for Your Needs

Every job site trailer has different electrical requirements. Some may want to run printers, a microwave, or an oven for the job site. We can customize your trailer electrical system for your needs. 

Install the System

If you bring your job site trailer to us, we will install the electrical system for you and make your job even easier! Your food truck with be up and running soon and with less work for you.

2 Electrical KIT Choices for your Trailer

Choose between powering your conversion kit via the vehicle alternator or a full-fledged solar electrical system. With 40+ years of experience in off-grid solar, Smucker Sales can help you build and install a mobile trailer power system that will keep you powered day in and day out.

battery stack for work trailer electrical system
mobile work trailer power system installation

Alternator-Powered Electrical Kits for Your Jobsite Trailer

Do you have a long commute each day to the job site? Your trailer’s electrical system can be charged by the truck pulling the trailer while en route. Much like the batter on your truck is charged by an alternator, the batter pack for your job site trailer can be charged while driving.  

mobile solar power electrical system for work trailer

Solar Electric Kits for Jobsite Trailers

Power up your mobile trailer with a solar system that is custom-built for your needs. You will have the power you need so your tools will stay charged so your team can get their job done. We design and build a mobile trailer power system that matches your specific needs.

Prewired electrical kits for job site trailers and mobile work units

Top-quality electrical components from popular brands

Customized for the things you want to power in your mobile job site trailer

We will install the electrical power kit for you (if local) or do a DIY installation

Prices for Your Mobile Trailer Power System

Our Conversion Kits for food trucks or trailers are built for what you want them to power. Here we offer two possible food truck electrical systems with details on what each conversion kit can power in your concession stand. Please note that these are only examples, and we will customize your kit for your needs.

Approximate Cost


This mobile trailer power system will power a work trailer for your team. Price includes installation.

  • Charge your Tool Batteries
  • Charge employee phones
  • Run a small refrigerator
  • Customize with a monitoring system
  • Power it by solar for an additional cost

This kit will come with Rubix Lithium Batteries or a similar brand.

Featuring the Victron Energy Quattro 5000 Watt Inverter

Approximate Cost


This system will power even more on your job site so your team can work hard all day.

  • All that the basic system includes +
  • A microwave
  • A coffee maker
  • A Mini-Split for A/C
  • Power it by solar for an additional cost

With Rubix Lithium Batteries, you will have plenty of power.

Featuring the Victron Energy Quattro 5000 Watt Inverter.

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