Off Grid Solar Systems

If you’re looking for reliable off-grid solar energy system solutions, we can provide you with the best possible off-grid solar systems that will meet your needs! We will assemble the off-grid solar system for you so that it is ready for you to install when it arrives at your door. We offer solar panels, charge controllers, solar battery packs, and power inverters. Plus, we also offer conversion kits for camper vans, conversion kits for food trucks and trailers, and conversion kits for job site trailers.

Solar Panels

Do you ask yourself, “How many solar panels will I need to run my system?” At Smucker Sales, we can help you size your system according to your needs and assemble of for your DIY installation.

off grid solar system solar panels

Solar Panels for Sale

You can buy your solar panels and just do-it-yourself, or hire an expert solar installer team to assemble your solar panels with your off-grid solar system.

Solar Panel Installation

While our Solar Kits are intended for DIY installation, we do install electric and solar power kits for camper vans, food trucks, and work trailers at our location in New Holland, PA.

Charge Controllers

Charge controllers are the parts of the off-grid solar system that takes the power from the solar panels and properly charge the solar batteries. Choosing the right solar charge controller will protect your solar battery packs and extend the life of your system.

off grid solar charge controllers

Charge Controllers for Sale

You can either buy your solar charge controller and do it yourself, or you can hire an expert solar installation company to integrate your charge controllers with your off-grid solar system.

What is a Charge Controller?

Not sure what a charge controller does in a solar system. The charge controller is a voltage regulator from the solar panel to the battery to allow for proper charging of the batteries.

Solar Charge Controller Brands

We carry Victron Energy Charge Controllers, OutBack Power Charge Controllers, Schneider Electric Charge Controllers, and more off-grid solar system brands!

Battery Packs

Solar battery packs are the heart of an off-grid solar system. It enables your off-grid solar system to store PV (energy generated from solar panels) via a charge controller when the sun is up and then hold it till the sun goes down. This allows you to use solar energy throughout the day and then switch to battery packs at night.

trojan batteries solar battery packs

Solar Battery Packs for Sale

You can either buy your solar battery packs and install them yourself, or contact a professional solar installation company to install your solar energy storage batteries.

How Many Batteries Does a System Use?

That is a great question and it all depends on the appliances or systems you want to run with the solar system. When more power is needed, batteries are stacked for more storage.

Solar Battery Packs Brands

We carry solar battery packs from Victron Energy, Trogan, and Rubix off-grid solar system brands! There are flooded and lithium battery types available.

Solar Inverters

Solar inverters are what power your appliances. Once the solar panels produce PV energy and the charge controller pushes that energy into your solar battery packs, solar inverters pull that energy and power the appliances of your off-grid solar system.

victron energy multiplus inverters

Solar Inverters for Sale

You can buy your solar inverters and just do-it-yourself, or hire an expert solar installer team to assemble your solar inverters with your off-grid solar system.

Solar Inverter Installation

If you want, we can install your solar inverters for you! If you bring your camper van, food truck, work trailer, or any off-grid solar system to our location in New Holland, PA, we can install it!

Solar Inverter Brands

We carry solar inverters from Victron Energy, Magnum Energy, OutBack Power, and Schneider Electric off-grid solar system brands! Check out our solar inverters page.

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Great business. Great family. Great service. I can honestly say the best service experience I have had in 5 years of being a diesel pusher motor home owner. A home run in pa Dutch country. Thank you, thank you.

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