Kubota Diesel Engines

While we all love the Kubota brand, we also know there are times when things break or you need a new Kubota Diesel Engine. Whether it is for your tractor, excavating equipment, or a Kubota engine running a generator or power unit, Smucker Sales and Service is here to help you keep the operation running smoothly. We offer new Kubota Engines for sale in Lancaster County, PA, and Kubota Engine Repair services to keep you running.

Our Kubota Diesel Engine Services

New Kubota Diesel Engines For Sale

When you are looking for new or replacement Kubota Diesel, our team will pair you with the right engine for your needs.

Kubota Diesel Engine Maintenance

Keep your Kubota Engines running smoothly with our maintenance program. With years of experience, we know what to look for.

Kubota Diesel Engine Rebuild

Had a disaster and your diesel engine blew? We can get you up and running quickly with our diesel engine rebuild services in Lancaster County, PA.

Kubota Diesel Dealer in PA

We are your trusted Kubota Diesel Dealer in Lancaster County, PA. Located in New Holland, we help keep your systems up and running smoothly. Whether it is a piece of equipment running a Kubota Diesel or a generator powered by a Kubota engine, we can help keep it running!

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Kubota Engines to Power Your Generator

We offer Kubota Engines for your generator systems. Kubota Diesel engines are a very high-quality brand that has been trusted for decades. Contact us to get the Kubota Diesel Engine you need.

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