Solar and Electric Power Kits

Whether you are on vacation in a camper van, running a food truck, or using a mobile job site trailer, powering your life is important. You don’t want the crew to run short on batteries to run their power tools, and you need power at night while enjoying van life in a camper van. At Smucker Sales, we help power your work and recreation with prewired DIY electric power kits or installed solar and electric power kits for your Camper Van, Food Truck, or Jobsite Trailer. 

Power Kits for Camper Vans 

There is a lot to figure out when building your own DIY Camper Van! You need to source all the components, find the right pieces to fit and make it the dream camper van you have been envisioning. At Smucker Sales, we help you get one step closer with Solar and Inverter Electric Power Kits for your Sprinter Vans, Transit Vans, and other Camper Van brands.

power kits for camper van

Prewired for Your Specific Needs

Get your prewired power kit for a camper van or sprinter van that is ready to install. Then do a DIY install or hire a local electrician to do it for you.

Solar Powered or Vehicle Powered

There are two ways to charge up your batteries and power your system. Choose between solar power or the vehicle alternator.

Customized to Fit any Camper Van

Every camper van is different and needs an electrical power kit to match the van. We custom design a kit for your camper or sprinter van.

Power Kits for Food Trucks and Trailers

Starting a food truck business is a big undertaking. You need to figure out the appliances, buy the oven, refrigerators, and freezers and create a strong business plan. What if you could let the electrical system for your food truck to a team with 40+ years of experience with off-grid solar and electrical systems? We can help you build a power system for your food truck business that will power your business. 

Food Truck Power Systems for Sale

Custom Built for Your Food Truck

We can help design the electrical system for your food truck or trailer that is either powered by the sun or your engine.

Prewired for Easy Installation

No need to figure out all the electrical and power details for your food truck or trailer. We help you figure out the details and then prewire it for you.

Custom Packages with Extra Options

Every food truck has different needs based on what needs to be powered. We can design an power system to run the systems you need to run.

Power Kits for Jobsite Power Trailers

Your job site needs power so your hardworking team can charge their phones, enjoy fresh cold water, and power the tools for the job. A Smucker Sales, we help you determine the amount of power you need for your mobile Jobsite trailer by looking at the things you want to power then, we prebuild (or install) a job site trailer electrical system to meet your needs.

solar power kit for job site trailer

Power to Charge Equipment Batteries

We create a system that charges a battery pack and then converts that into electricity as needed. You’ll have power when you need it most!

Solar Powered or Vehicle Powered

We can help design a mobile power electrical system powered by your vehicle alternator or the sun and build it for what you want to power.

Use as a Backup Power for Home

Go even further and build a backup power unit for your home. Use it every day on the job and then use it as backup power for your home.

DIY Kits vs Conversion Kit Installation

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