OutBack Power Inverters for Lifelong Solar Energy Systems

You want to build a solar energy system that will last a long time and provide a good return on your investment. Selecting a suitable solar inverter is critical for an off-grid solar energy system. We provide OutBack Power Inverters for off-grid solar systems, conversion kits for camper vans, food trucks, food trailers, and job site trailers, you can have OutBack Power inverters in them. OutBack Power products are recommended for any solar-powered system.

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OutBack Power Inverters For Sale

OutBack Power offers three types of inverters. People’s wants and needs differ. We can advise you on the best inverter for your on-grid or off-grid solar-powered system.

OutBack Power Inverter Installation

Do you want to start a solar project? We can assist you in meeting your solar energy system objectives by installing a system in your RV, work trailer, or mobile home at our New Holland, PA location.

OutBack Power Inverter Repair & Service

Do you currently have a failed OutBack Power inverter-powered off-grid solar energy system? We can quickly get your solar energy system back up and running.

3 Inverter Types

In our warehouse, we stock the OutBack Power FX Series, Radian Series, and M Series inverters. Choose which inverter you want to use for your solar energy system from the options below. Or, if you are not sure about the size you need, we can help you figure it out.

outback power inverters
outback power fx series inverters

FX Series Inverters

Power your camper van, boat, tiny cabin, and more with the FX Series inverter system. The FX Series has a power range of 2000 to 3600 watts, meaning that you can power phone chargers, TVs, small refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, laptops, DVDs, and other appliances that require low power. Plus, its 5-year warranty frees you from worrying about future inverter failures and provides a long-term, reliable inverter solution for your solar-powered system!

outback power radian series inverters

Radian Series Inverters

The Radian series has a power range of 4000 to 8000 watts, which can provide you with the power you need for your complete off-grid solar applications, including solar-powered work trucks, solar-powered food trucks, off-grid camper vans, and more. The Radian series comes with a 5-year standard warranty, so you can enjoy how your off-grid solar energy project runs smoothly with peace of mind.

outback power m series inverters

M Series Inverters

The M series has a power range of 2000 to 3600 watts and is used in similar applications as the FX series. The letter “M” stands for Mobile and Marine, indicating that the M Series is entirely intended for off-grid solar energy solutions. The M series is less expensive than the FX and Radian series, but it also comes with a one-year standard warranty, making it more affordable.

Get a prewired solar system for your off-grid cabin, house, or other business use. We create the system, you find an electrician to install it.

Ask about conversion kits for camper vans, conversion kits for food trucks and trailers, and conversion kits for job site trailers.

We provide inverter repair service to maintain your broken OutBack Power inverters. Repairs take place at our New Holland, PA location.

At Smucker Sales & Services, we can install your OutBack Power inverter if you bring your trailer, work truck, or camper van.

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